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Q. Is there a required fee for my student to receive an iPad?
A. No, there is no required fee. Insurance is optional.

Q. Am I charged a fee if my iPad is damaged?
A. Yes, unless you purchased insurance. If you do not have insurance, per the 1:1 Procedure Manual, the first time an iPad is damaged, you will be charged an $80 fee.

Q. Am I charged a fee if I lose my iPad or if it is stolen?
A. If your iPad is stolen and you purchased insurance, you will not be charged a fee. However, insurance does not cover loss. If you misplace your device, you are charged a $200 fee. The second time the device is lost, you will be charged a $400, per the 1:1 Procedure Manual.


Q. May I download games, social media, and other apps of my choice?
A. Yes. We want you to enjoy using the iPad, but all content must be school appropriate. Also remember that should you be on "your" apps at inappropriate times (such as when your teacher is delivering instruction) you will forfeit your privilege of having the apps of your choice on your device.

Report Lost/Stolen

Q. My iPad is misplaced or stolen. What do I do?
A. Contact the Eufaula City Schools Technology Department as soon as possible. During school hours, report your device missing to Mrs. Fenn or Mr. McKemy. After school hours or on the weekend, email the Tech Department at techdept@ecs.k12.al.us. Remember, timing is everything-- the sooner we know about a missing device, the better our chances are of recovering the iPad.

iPad Insurance

Q. How much is iPad insurance?
A. For the Spring semester of the 2015-2016 school year, the insurance premium is $20. There is no deductible. We anticipate the premium for the 2016-2017 school year to be around $40 since the policy will cover two semesters instead of one.

Q. What does insurance cover?
A. According to Worth Ave Group, insurance covers accidental damage (drops and spills), cracked screen, liquid submersion, flood, natural disasters, power surge by lightning, and theft.

Q. Will insurance cover loss?
A. No. According to Worth Ave Group, insurance coverage does not include unexplained loss, manufacture defect, mechanical failure, standard wear and tear, or cosmetic damage.